Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welcome To The 60's

Millions of people continue to make The Help one of the most popular films of the summer; this weekend I became one of the masses.

Those who have not caught the movie, have at least heard the positive buzz. All the exit reviews I heard were, "yeah, it's good". They are lying-The Help is not a good movie, it is an excellent movie!

Warning-this is an occasion for an ugly cry. The symptoms were nearly inflicted on me from beginning to end, but sobbing like an idiot in front of strangers is worth it, as waiting a couple months for it to come out on video would be too long.
The Help draws in all of the eventful/heartbreaking stories from 1960's, and I couldn't help but continue to be wrapped up in the decade after walking away from the movie. The costuming alone will have anyone clamoring to break through the screen to take a gander through each characters closet.

Most of my life I have been slightly obsessed with the decade (fashion, books, culture, and history), and to follow suit, a huge selection of my favorite movies, and TV shows (Mad Men), were either produced in the 60's or set in the era.

With a little inspiration from The Help, I present a retrospective of those most noteworthy movies:

One vibrant Baltimore girl with dance fever, goes after her dreams of being
a regular cast member on the hottest dance show, snagging the dreamiest guy, and standing up for the equal rights of all people.

Catch Me If You Can
Doctor, Lawyer, Pilot-with the right skills, a conman can be anyone he wants to be, and Frank Abagnale Jr. had the smarts to give the FBI the run-around all over the country.

Barefoot In The Park
A young married couple set up house in their first apartment, and discover
the hilarity of their new independent life. Fonda and Redford are an outstanding comedic duo. 

(Also, there are not a lot of things better than young Redford.)

Two daughters tag along with their charismatic mother as she moves them from state to state trying to escape any man who wants to tie her down. 

Set during the time of the Kennedy Assassination, this film is one of the best at capturing what it would have been like to be a teenager during this era.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
As Brad ages in reverse, he meets in the middle with Cate Blanchett,  where they enjoy their early (or late) adult years roaring around in leather jackets on the back of a motorcycle.


What starts as a heartbreaking game, ends in a new love, for a solider on the last night before he is sent to Vietnam.

Down With Love
Clothes, clothes, Ewan Mcgregor, and clothes, make this fun modern take on a swingin' Doris Day romance, quite enjoyable indeed. Those glasses.

An Education
Teenage girl growing up in 1960's London, learns about life after getting caught up in her first romance-with an older man at that.

A Single Man
A single day in the life of a college professor in the early 1960s, fantastically told through the artistic eye of Tom Ford.

That Thing You Do

"The O-neders!" Uh, it's the One-ders! 

The 1960s were all about the British Invasion, but this movie chronicles the
rise of an American foursome who reach sensation level status only to be hit with the brutal reality of the music industry. 

The catchy pop soundtrack is still a highlight.


The night of the assassination of Robert Kennedy is told through the lives of the guests at the Ambassador Hotel-which was the site of the murder.

The Parent Trap  (original, Hailey Mills style)

Two kids separated at birth? By their parents? Something that would never happen, but a classic indeed.

Rosemarys Baby
Terrifying, yet classic movie, where the sets and style of Ms. Farrow define the generation.

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