Friday, November 4, 2011

Cities In Frame

[Freemont Troll and I, Seattle: can be seen in 10 Things I Hate About You]

Those special places and spaces are unique to each of us; an evening munching at a favorite restaurant or lounging in the grass at a fantastic park indulges our lives on a daily basis.

These locations in our hometown or favorite get-away are made special by the way we exude pride for them unconditionally.

However, isn't it even better when that restaurant you were at last week is featured on Man vs Food? Or when a movie character sits on a bench in that park you adore?

For some reason seeing landmarks from our own life on a screen, big or small, signifies a sense of place in this big wide world, and creates an excitement; other people know where I live and what I like! Crazy times!

I fall victim to this often (which is not surprising); a mere mention of Washington, and a cut to a lush evergreen in a film, sets my heart aflutter-even when (blast!) it's really British Columbia (recent fake out, 50/50)- but hey, close enough. I guess.

As not many movies and TV shows have actually filmed in my state, I pull from the next best thing; my recent trip to the Bay Area.

Walking through the streets of San Fransisco is like stepping into film history. Every landmark in that city has played an integral backdrop to many movies, and each turn down a street thrives with the remnants of spirit left behind by Jimmy Stewart, Julie Andrews, and a boy scout named Russell.

In my five trips to the area I have magically collected quite the array of movie highlights captured behind my own lens.

In Oakland, Russel, Dug, and Mr. Fredricksen chow down on some delicious ice cream: CLIP HERE

(this was REAL good)

Julie Andrews and I arm wrestle at the Musee Mecanique 
(7:15 mark on video):

Countless films showcase the Golden Gate Bridge, most famously though, was through the eyes of Hitchcock: 

Important Location: House from Mrs. Doubtfire!

The glorious Palace of Fine Arts (my favorite place), as seen in The Other Sister (4:42 mark on video):

How about you? Have movies and TV shows featured the landmarks you have visited, or those hometown spots you cherish?

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