Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekly Buffet

The world of make-believe takes a backseat for many adults-but does it have to? 

Pop culture will tell you no, as the new releases in television, film, and music aimed at adults seem to be tapping into that childlike feeling of whimsical imagination .

Happily Ever After...and After

[Rachel Weisz, Snow White: Ala, Annie Leibovitz]

Does America need a fairy tale ending right now?

Television and films are so saturated with princesses, princes, and  other  sorts of merriment right now that it feels like the new president of Hollywood is my seven-year-old self. Put on The Little Mermaid again-I demand, slamming a fist high atop a giant leather office chair.

When everything seems like a big pile of (fill in the blank), sure, watching stories about prince charming saving the day could take your mind off a few things. 

Even before the release of the trailer for one of the two (yes, two) upcoming major motion pictures with a Snow White as the lead, ABC and NBC were battling out for who could perfect the fairy tale on the small screen. 

In the last several weeks both Grimm and Once Upon A Time have premiered. They share the inspiration drawn from our favorite tales, but are indeed vastly different. 

While at first neither seemed like a show worth the time, I somehow found my self tuning in anyway.

Both are fine shows (not too excited about either), though I declare the darker Grimm as the more worthy option. It's campy and a little spooky all at once. Plus, a crime solving team made up of a cop and a werewolf with a dry sense of humor? All kinds of yes.

The basic story focuses on a decedent of the Brothers Grimm who must defend the world against monstrous creatures, and some may seem a tad familiar (think big bad wolf). Turns out however, they aren't just stories people-they are real, REAL I tell you!

New Music Tuesday: Florence + The Machine

The best tales are dark and emotional, as well as beautiful and uplifting; when it comes to creating a sound that evokes that spirit the triumph goes to Florence Welch.

The first time around several years ago, the world and Julia Roberts, trumped me on this lady behind Florence + The Machine.

Now with her second release, Ceremonials, Welch has signified herself as a necessity to the state of music. The sheer power behind her effortless voice will knock anyone to the ground, and you will remain laying there for length of the album.

"Never Let Me Go", an early favorite, had that effect on me. Although, to a lesser extent, as passing out face down on the floor, would not fly at work.

Well, since Blogger is driving me nutso right now, as I tried to post this last night and am still facing issues (anyone else getting error messages?), I will end it now, but with a final side tangent:

ANOTHER Thursday night without 30 Rock! Oh the humanity, when will the madness that is Whitney end? I am in dire straights-where shall we be without my Liz, Kenneth, Jack, Tracy, and Jenna?

Come back to me.

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