Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weekly Buffet: You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

A wise elf once said, "smiling's my favorite!" Buddy, I heartily agree.

Anything or anyone that can make me crack a smile on a daily basis I tend to keep close by-you never know when you'll need that little boost of a laugh.

Often this becomes a necessity.

The background picture on my computer at work is a fluffy puppy in a top hat and mustache. Without fail, every time I minimize a screen, that photo makes me laugh, and it snaps me out of my vombie-like state for a minute. After hours of staring at a computer screen, zombieness is unavoidable, but distractions make it manageable.

That which is worthy of a teeth bearing grin, laugh, or simple enjoyment this week is brought to you by the likes of outragerous tv shows, likable new tunes, and a guy who knows his dinos and knots.

Goldblum. Goldblum. More Goldblum.

If you caught Glee last night then you know where this is heading. It is clear that besides Amber Riley's impeccible, and timely, rendition of, "I Will Always Love You", that the biggest treat of the night was Jeff Goldblum!

It was a cameo that was too quickly over, but could easily be rectified if Rachel's dads were a permanent staple. Glee always needs more Goldblum in a lilac sweater playing the piano.

Looking for more Goldblum? Check out some re-runs of Portlandia. Once again dressed to the nines, this time in a white and pink tuxedo, Goldblum addresses the need we all have for artisan knots. "It's not a knot".

First Aid Kit

These Swedish gals know how to beautifully harmonize and belt their own take on bluesy folk tunes. Plus, they have a song named after Emmylou Harris. Sign me up!

I'm not sure of the exact moment my taste evolved to make this type of music my most coveted, but slowly and surely it had taken over. Even with the notes of meloncholy, the breezy beautiful nature of folk music always picks up my spirits.

See Also: The Avett Brothers, Neko Case, Jenny Lewis, The Civil Wars, Fleet Foxes, etc.

Macy and a Lady Cusack

Television is riddled with one outrageous show after the next, and we eat them up week after week.

Shameless, currently in its second season, is about as crazy as it comes, as it focuses on a family of six kids struggling through life as their alcoholic father (Willaim H. Macy) spends all their money on the bottle. At first it sounds depressing, but definitely stick with it, as the entire show becomes lovably absurd.

Balancing the dramas with the lightness of everyday life is done well in that the show doesn't for a minute take itself too seriously. With each new shocking event that occurs we understand that the kids are simply doing what they need to do. Robbing a meat truck? Yeah, they have to eat. Taking the SAT's for other students? Sure, they need extra cash.

There is always comedy within the darkest moments, and this show perfectly captures how it is that we take that and always keep chugging along.

William H. Macy mugging to the camera as an inexcuseable, extremely unlikeable, fall down drunk is as sad as it is comic gold. Then Joan Cusack's incredible face peeked onto the screen, and I thought, how can this get any better? She plays a sex crazed agoraphobic? Brilliant.

Television is bringing all of the greatest actors together, to play amazing characters,  and it is truly a fantastic thing.

Having recently finished the first season, I can't say how the second season fares, but I am looking forward to the further adventures of The Gallager clan. What will happen next?

Sunshine In February

Simply - A day that has sunshine is exponentially better than one without.

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