Sunday, May 20, 2012

Listing: Top Reasons To Love Mad Men

Late bloomer to the Mad Men craze turned fanatic is who I am. 

Back in summer 2010, season four began merely days after I had obsessively cranked through the first three seasons. Then, just as my love was growing, it was taken away for too long-now it's back!

Friends, it was well worth the year and a half wait. Season 5 of Mad Men will turn any non-believer into a fan; once you get absorbed with the stories, and start loving and loathing the characters,  it will be clear that the show is more than a boring drama about advertising (and Zou Bisou Bisou). 

The show is now set in the late swinging 60's, drugs are plentiful (sweet Peggy does drugs in a movie theater), Mr. Belding shows up, and lets not forget, they made one of the more image obsessed characters feel the need to join Weight Watchers. 

There are still four new episodes this season, and it's never too late to get hooked. The critics and your classy parents favorite show is actually awesome-give in to it. 

Not convinced? Let's talk it over: 

1) Nostalgic Cameos: 

Saved By The Bell and The Secret World Of Alex Mac have something in common other than forever being in the collective memories of children of the 90's; actors from these shows have all popped up in episodes of Mad Men. Every time a familiar face shows up, it causes me to exclaim out loud to the TV with glee, as if the producers cast these actors as a special reward for anyone young-ish tuning in. 

In the past Clarissa's dad from Clarissa Explains It All had a recurring role, but this season alone has featured Alex Mac herself, Rory Gilmore (rather slutty indeed), that French girl from USA High, Miss Honey from Matilda, and Mr. Belding. Who's next? Donkeylips? Please and bring Budnick!

2) Sally Draper

Through all the adult corruption and mayhem that the show mostly focuses on, our eye to the innocence is one of the stand-out characters, who just happens to be a 12-year-old girl.

Dealing with parents who have multiple issues, and a baby-sitter that drugs you (well, that was just once) can be stressful. Sally has had her high-strung moments, but hey, she's a kid. 

Slowly through the progression of the show she has grown older and her presence more prominent, where now she is simply essential and each episode is better because of her.

3) LSD

When you think of the 60's and 70's what is the first thing you think of? Yeah, it's drugs isn't it? That's what I thought! 

In the episode "Far Away Places", Roger Sterling's foray into that eras drug of choice sent him on quite the hallucinogenic frenzy, leading to one of the strangest, most hilarious, and well written hours of television. Who doesn't want a bunch of Russian singers to start blaring each time you open a bottle of Vodka?

Which leads to...

4) Roger Sterling

This character is on fire this season! Don has been a weenie (...but slowly coming back) and this has paved the way for comic genius Roger to, honestly, steal every scene.

5) "Fat" Betty

In the most brilliant choice for a character, well ever, in my opinion, Season Five opened with Betty looking a little heavier than usual. 

After finding this cry inducing hilarious, I went to the internet and discovered others were horrified, and actually LIKE Betty as a character. For all those people, this may seem cruel...but I will continue. 

Betty is the worst and because of this making her gain weight is funny-it is simply amusing to imagine that writing session: "You know what we should do with Betty..."'
It's like the writers are daring all of us to find it hysterical, she wolfs down her daughters sundae for crying out loud! Come on people-this is comedy, don't be so serious.

Now, run to your fridge, grab a can of Reddi Whip, and settle in for tonight's new episode! Since Fat Betty is my soul sister, this may not be too far from the truth.

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