Sunday, June 10, 2012

Listing: Must See Best Picture Winners (So Far)

Once again a snag.

This Best Picture Challenge has hit many bumps along the way, and while these issues tend to work themselves out, there is no end in sight for the current dilemma; getting these mitts on a copy of Dances With Wolves!

People love this movie, right? If so, I hope they all own a copy, because hunting one down is as difficult as a woman becoming a partner at an advertising agency in the 1960's. (Oh, Joan)

My conundrum looks like this: Library-no good, Netflix - Very Long Wait for 3 months. Video stores-don't even think about it. Redbox-my last hope, and the search on their website simply returned a, "Sorry, we've never heard of this Costner classic", but instead suggested some Dolly. Although, they may be on to something there...that is the perfect alternative.

In lieu of waiting, there is no better time than to wrap up The Challenge thus far with a list: Which flicks have stayed the freshest, most well crafted, and held up their charm after all these years?

The Top 5 must see Best Picture Winners (from before 1990): Click Title For Full Review

That Master of Suspense, Hitchock, struck gold with his first film made in Hollywood. This haunting tale  was his only film to win the Best Picture, and is suspenseful  until the final scene fades to black.

Young rich girl tries to ditch her glamorous life for freedom, only to have quite the meet-cute with Clark Gable on a midnight bus going anywhere. After inspiring a century of road movies and romances, it will continue to do so for all of eternity.

The original Single White Female, set during a classier time with better outfits, pits an obsessive fame seeker against a beloved actress (Bette Davis). Who wins out? Is there a scene involving matching hair do's? You'll just have to watch it and find out.


MacLaine and Jack Lemmon. That's it.

Those hills are always alive in the world's finest movie musical. Timeless songs, as well as Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, and all those kids make it a classic.

Other mighty fine suggestions for a will not disappoint classic night of movies:  

On The Waterfront - Mrs. Miniver - My Fair Lady - The Godfather - Gone With The Wind - 

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