Monday, April 14, 2014

Trailer Wars: Oh, You Betcha

Over the last couple years, "limited series run" has become my favorite phrase.

Tight, well-told stories in this seemingly outstanding golden time in modern television all hinges on how well time is utilized. Or, how well writers can execute a story over time.

Ryan Murphy was a disaster with time - great ideas disintegrated into nonsense within one or two seasons. How can anyone trust a creative mind with a reputation like that?

Smartly he recognized his own strengths and created a show that can be limited in scope, and evolve each season.

Of course with the success of Murphy's American Horror Story miniseries/series, the idea of shorter TV shows that can change year to year spread through Hollywood like Hisenberg's blue meth.

Certainly the idea of a short ever changing show is sad - you get all hooked on characters like Cohle and Hart and then have to say goodbye after only eight episodes. It's rough, even if we got to enjoy a completely satisfying effort, with no disappointing, extra fluff. Season one of True Detective definitely laid the groundwork for fans to come screaming back anxiously anticipating how the new actors and different story will play out.

Some of these new shows won't evolve. When they say limited, they really mean it - 10 episodes in one pop and we're out.

I had been talking about this for months, and then it completely fell off my TV radar. I bounced back into excited reality after seeing a commercial over the weekend - The Coen Brothers are coming to TV!

There is no loveable Frances McDormand, William H Macy, or Buscemi, but I think we'll survive with this kind of caliber cast they pulled together. 

Unlike some, I was never worried about one of my favorite movies inspiring a TV show. Okay, well, maybe I was, but not after hearing that the Coen's were executive producers.
This isn't just a retelling of a car salesman's attempt to ransom off his wife and the pregnant cop that gets in his way. Judging by the short clip alone, they have perfectly captured that sparse, chilly atmosphere of the movie, and there will also be many zany character actors in small roles, which is always a  highlight of any Coen production.
If they have those elements right, I trust that the story will be enthralling, just like the movie.

We will all just have to find out when Fargo starts its limited, 10 episode run tomorrow night on FX.

I'll probably grab some Arby's to celebrate.

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